Computer And Technology

Advancements in technology have boggled the minds of people. But the truth is technology is here to make our lives better and helps us in everyday activities. Think of it, how else would you get to store fresh food if it were not for the refrigerator? Through technology, we can survive even better. If you are not yet convinced how technology has done us good, read on for more instances.

Importance of technology


Today all offices have computers. Fields like the construction industry need machines like the bulldozers and other equipment’s to build the tall buildings you see in town. Have you heard that robots are being designed to help in military and rescue missions? This is all for our safety. The amazing wonders of technology are out to make life better and make work easier.


We use technology to travel from one place to the other. The roads are full of cars. Electricity powered trains which can travel long distances at high speed are on the rails too. It is by the help of airplanes that we can travel across continents. Technology has been of great help in the transport sector.


You can communicate to friends and family through different means today. It is now easy to contact loved ones daily even if they are miles away. The deaf is not left out; earpieces help a lot. It is through technology in the communication sector that we can keep touch with the most treasured people in our lives.

Health sector

The medical sector is among the areas that greatly benefit from technology. CT scan machines help doctors diagnose internal diseases. People with heart problems can now live with the help of pacemakers attached to their bodies.

At home

Household appliances are wonders of technology. Washing machines help you with washing clothes. You do not have to sit in an uncomfortable hot room, air conditioners and electric fans make temperatures comfortable.


Almost every home has a radio and a TV set. We get something to cheer us up while in relaxation mode. There a million computer games as well. The fun from this machines cannot be found anywhere else. Watching a movie with friends and family create a real bonding moment.