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5 Main Types Of Drones

The increasing popularity of drones has led to the development of many types of drones. The market has different types of drones categorized based on many factors such as the number of propellers, size, range, and equipment among other features. However, there are popular types of drones that everyone should know. Here are the leading five types of drones available at major outlets like the Best Drone Zone.

Top 5 types of drones


QuadcoptersThis is the most popular type of drone that you can find in the market. This type of drone has four rotors positioned at the corners of the quadcopter’s body. The positioning allows for even support of the drone that makes it easy to take off from the ground and fly in different directions. Depending on the model you buy, you may or not find a camera installed in the quadcopter.

GPS drones

GPS drones are unique types of drones that link up to the GPS signals from satellites. One of the reasons why this type of drone is popular is because it can automatically come back to its initial location based on the GPS signals. When the battery starts to run out, the drone will fly back to the initial location. This helps owners to avoid losing their drones.

RTF drones

The acronym RTF stands for ready-to-fly. You can buy these types of drones and start using them right away. They are easy to setup for flying expeditions. If you are new in the world of drone flying, then this is the best type of drone that you should consider buying. It is relatively easy to use. All that you have to do is to charge it up and start flying.

Trick dronesdrone

Also known as toy drones, trick drones are the types of drones designed for usage as small toys. They are tiny and weigh a few ounces. They have built-in cameras though they cannot record in HD quality. Just like RTF drones, trick drones are also easy to use, and you can fly them as soon as you get them.

Delivery drones

This type is used to transport materials. It is amongst the most popular drones because it serves the function of transporting materials. They are mostly used by Amazon to deliver products within the country. However, these drones do not transport heavy materials but rather items that weigh a few pounds.


How to choose the right flip screen camera for vlogging

The modern technology has not only made the new generation’s way of living a lot more comfortable but has also given many opportunities for people to earn money using the Internet as well as the different gadgets and devices that we have these days. We now have a handful of online businesses that are offering various products. There are also people who are making money through blogs and vlogs.

So, if you are looking for a great way to earn cash, whether it be a part-time or full-time job, you can consider using the Internet as a good stepping stone. If you love writing, you can write articles or blogs. You can even earn a decent amount of money by taking selfies and videos, and upload them.


Vlogging camVlogging could be a hobby, or, just like what was mentioned above, it could also be a way of earning some money. Many people are already doing this because it is really enjoyable, not to mention the unlimited amount of money that you can earn. All you need to do is to take high-quality pictures and videos.

But in order for you to successfully do this, you must have the right tools. One of which is a camera; not only a regular camera but something that can take images with high resolution. With this, you should invest in the best Flip Screen Camera, which is very popular nowadays.

Choosing the best flip screen camera

Most people who do vlogs are using flip screen cameras. There are different brands that you can choose from, but take note that they are not created equal. You can expect that some are better than the others. Some are expensive while some are cheap. If it is your first time to shop for this particular type of gadget, you may get overwhelmed with the wide variety of cameras that you will find.

What to consider when looking for the right flip screen camera

To get the most out of your very first flip screen camera, you should know what to look for. Here, you need to learn about the different types as well. You can go for a point and shoot camera, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. But for first-timers like you, it is highly recommended that you buy one that is not too complicated to start with. You can always upgrade somewhere down the road.


Moreover, make sure that you check out the specs. Does it come with a real-time preview? Will it allow you to take picture and videos in different angles without requiring you to flex your hands or whole body? These are just some of the things that you should look for. Remember that the camera will be your number one tool when you create vlogs, so choose only the best.