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How to Prevent Online Data Breach

Business owners with an online presence must ensure that their data does not fall into the wrong hands. Breaking news about a data breach can make your visitors embarrassed, harmful and costly if they reveal to their customers that their personal information has been compromised by a hack, even if this is often required by law. Identity fraudsters find most of the personal information you hold valuable, so don’t take your credit card numbers with you. Internet and related websites, as well as an entrepreneur operating a business website link, must use their online presence to ensure that all their information is kept in the right place and does not fall into hackers’ hands.

Install Password Manager

sign in login pinThere is no better way to protect your network, databases, and websites than to use a secure password management system such as a password manager. This provides you with all the information you need to create passwords, and it is easy to use. It is essential to protect and protect your information, which may include personal information such as credit card numbers, SSN, passwords, and other sensitive information. If your company is operating in an industry where personal data is usually processed, it is not only essential to protect customer and customer data. For example, if your business is a retail operation or exists in a public area, you can edit customer accounts that hackers can access.

Use Data Encryption

Data security needs to be complemented by other security measures, such as the use of third-party security solutions, to take an in-depth approach. This brings us to the next step in ensuring that your online business is protected from unauthorized access. When an attack occurs, the organization can prevent it by creating reliable filters that avoid foreign and unknown data sources,  as well as through encryption. Once you start your online business, you need to take security seriously and invest thousands of dollars in creating a robust website with all the necessary features and security solutions.

Use Online Privacy Reference Book

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Most compliance and legal departments and employees have no idea how to implement data protection against threats from the Internet. One thing organizations can do is develop a quick online privacy reference book accessible to employees. As companies move toward cloud-based functionality, the way your data is stored, backed up, and retrieved becomes a top priority.

Therefore, the more data is digitized, and more information is shared online, the more critical data protection becomes. As an entrepreneur, your dependence on mobile usage creates a unique set of specific privacy concerns. An individual company can have a large amount of data that it needs to keep private to keep the customer’s identity as secure and safe as possible and the reputation of the company untouched.

A Review for the Best Hidden Cameras

Spy cameras are gadgets that help people to monitor their homes and offices when they are not around. There are different models of hidden cameras in the current market. Spy cameras have unique features that make them useful in recording video and capturing photos.

You should install them in areas where they cannot be noticed easily. Property managers and homeowners should select gadgets that meet their needs and budget. Let’s have a look at the best security cameras that property owners should consider buying.

SS Waterproof Wireless Camera

The SS is a super powerful spy camera that weighs 0.7 ounces. It is the smallest camera in the market, making it a practical option for home security. It can also be installed on drones. This gadget can be used for recording videos without being noticed. This gadget has a Wi-Fi enabled application that allows the owner to monitor his premises remotely. It is a versatile device that can be used in different situations.

Spy Cam Wall Charger

This is another powerful hidden camera that has become very popular among homeowners. It has motion detection features that allow it to record video and capture images without being suspected. Tit comes with an extension cord that enables the owner to connect it to his house or premises.

A notification is sent to the owner when the camera starts recording. All the recordings are sent wirelessly to the owner. The other fascinating benefit of this spy camera is night vision capability. It weighs about 12 ounces.

Button Spy- 1080P Cam

The button spy camera a Wi-Fi Enabled gadget that comes with various attachments that resemble different buttons. This device has attachments that allow the user to install it onto buildings and clothing. You can also position it in your office to record videos. It has a Wi-Fi application that allows the user to monitor his valuable items from anywhere. In addition to this, this device is well-designed to let the save memory and battery. Its motion detection feature is another useful feature that makes it very useful in recording videos. Recording takes place when someone passes the camera’s field of vision.

Altata Spy 1080P Pen Camera

This camera has superior features, and it adheres to the best recording standards. It is a high-resolution device that allows the user to capture crystal clear videos. Its ease of use is another feature that makes it easy for the user to record videos. Furthermore, this camera has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

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Four Reasons Why Your Small Business Need to Launch a Mobile App

Small businesses often stay in their size forever because they are too afraid of thinking big. And in this case, we’re talking about the necessity of launching a mobile app for small business. This strategy is indeed not intended for startups who have just been in the market for a couple of years, but for those who are ready to expand their reach. 

Besides, no companies are ever too small for digitalization. You need to acknowledge the fact that digitalization has taken over all sectors in the modern industry. And in fact, if your business has its own mobile app, it can give you several benefits. We’ll discuss four of them below!

1. Apps Strengthen Your Brand

Almost 90% of the global populace are smartphone users. And with today’s apps, purchases can be made online. If your customers can’t find an easy means to make a transaction with your company, they’ll surely move to another establishment that has the feature. In this sense, launching a mobile app can strengthen your brand. 

Besides, apps can be rated by users. If you can maintain a satisfying service for your customers, you will improve your online reputation. And people will also recognize your brand because online reviews are less likely to be manipulated than other platforms. 

2. Launching an App Is Affordable

The digital technology is forever developing into making things more and more affordable each year. In 2018, creating a mobile app with basic features like social integration, a feedback system, and analytics will cost you anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000. As for the maintenance, you can expect to spend $15,000 to $23,000 per year. 

For further information, you should check App Development Atlanta |Digital Agency | PixelRocket, a professional app developing company with years of experience and good reputation. 

3. Apps Are Not Just for Retailers

Although purchase and transaction are the two keywords we’ve been discussing so far, the use of mobile apps is actually more diverse than that. For instance, if your company is specialized in publishing health articles, you need a mobile app that can track the user’s health stats and give them a relevant discussion. It will increase the engagement of your content for sure.

Different fields of business will require a different set of creativity. But in theory, mobile apps can accommodate all business specialties. It depends on how you envision your enterprise to integrate with the digital world. 

4. The App Will Be Your Powerful Marketing Tool

Customer engagement, customizable functions, and a rating means are the beneficial features that we’ve discussed before. Together, they’ll form a potent marketing tool. 

Once a person downloads your app, your brand is right in front of them. Needless to mention, if they allow the notification system, they will receive your most recent updates. It is something that even the premium Internet ads can’t offer. 

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4 of the Best Keto Supplements

Once you have decided of embracing ketogenic diet, then make sure that you know various supplements you are required to use. You also need to understand that Keto diet is a kind of diet that is low in carbohydrates, moderate in proteins and high in fats. Also, if you want to reduce your weight, make sure that you have the right eating plans, and once you introduce ketosis in your diet, it will be much easier for you. Therefore, a great way to maximize your keto diet is by understanding the following keto supplements.

1. Fish Oil

fish oilAfter you have commenced following the Keto diet, there are some cautions you need to take into consideration. This is because some fatty foods are rich in Omega 6 and it is advisable to avoid foods that contain Omega 6. If you consume too many foods with Omega 6, they are likely to promote systematic inflammation which may lead to diseases such as arthritis. That is why we recommend taking a fish oil supplement because it enhances the requirements of a keto diet.

2. Creatine

This is an amino acid that is of great importance when it comes to muscle contractions and energy productions. In fact, it is used by keto-dieters and athletes who are planning to build their lean muscle mass and even those who want to increase their endurance during the high-intensity activities. Even though our bodies produce creatine, it is advisable to take creatine supplement because it will help you a lot more especially in improving your workouts.

3. Electrolytes

When you lack enough carbohydrates, this means that you are not getting the required or enough electrolytes. It is important to understand that low electrolytes can cause keto flu. Nausea, headaches, muscle cramping, dizziness, and fatigue are just some of the symptoms of keto flu that are linked to low electrolytes. Once you take these electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium, they will help you to reduce the level of anxiety and stress.

4. Vitamin D

egg yolks rich in vitamin DIt is crucial to understand that you must have Vitamin D for immunity and calcium absorption. You can find Vitamin D in a few keto food types such as mushrooms, fish oil, and egg yolks. You can either eat these types of food or allow your body to get it from the sun. But by consuming a lot of food with Vitamin D, you are supporting your immune system.


Reasons to consider installing FaceTime

FaceTime offers a platform to make video and audio chat to the users. Many people like to compare it to Skype buy the difference is the fact that FaceTime is only for Apple users at least for now. The best thing FaceTime is the fact that provides a platform both for social and business users. You can download it on your Apple mobile device, and you can also Download FaceTime for Windows PC. If you are wondering to download and install it on your device, then you should first learn the benefits.

Advantages of installing FaceTime

No account setup

One thing that distinguishes FaceTime from other platforms like Skype is the fact that there is no account for account registration and creation before you can use the platform. All you need to do is to use your apple id, and you can access the video and audio services. Many people are hesitant about creating accounts because they demand personal information. With FaceTime, you don’t have worry about giving out your personal information before using the platform.


Easy to use and install

Using and installing FaceTime is very easy. All you need is a device that is compatible and like you probably know by now, Apple devices are compatible. Once you install it, you get a chance to connect with other people on your Apple device. FaceTime has a way of detecting your contact list and helping you connect with them through the platform.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is an important feature and especially for people who want to use FaceTime as a business platform. It is now possible to contact multiple users on your contact list and create a video conference platform. The video conferencing feature offered by FaceTime is very efficient, and you don’t have to worry about poor audio or videos.

Clear communication

Users are continuously looking for a platform that can guarantee the clear communication and FaceTime is one of them. With FaceTime, you don’t have to worry about a call and video interruption. As long as you cellular data or Wi-Fi is working, you can make audio and video calls without any interruptions. The videos are high quality and will allow you to enjoy your video call experience.

FaceTime icon

User interface

It is important to get a communication platform that offers a user-friendly interface. The users don’t get a difficult time trying to navigate through the user platform.


Features To Look For In A Web Hosting Company

Nowadays, there are many web hosting companies on the market. It becomes quite difficult to choose the right company to work with. If you want to get your business online, you need to choose a reputable company that can host your website. The following are important features to look for in the web hosting company.

Hiring a web hosting provider

Control panel

hostingIf you are busy running your enterprise, you do not have time with a confusing interface. The right web hosting company ought to have a well-integrated control panel that serves administrative options in a single location. This will allow you to control everything that is related to the website and even locate logs and features easily. All the features should be grouped into various categories that will make it quite easier to get what you want.

Website builder

The web hosting provider should give you the tools you need to make a great website. It does not matter whether you are an HTML guru or beginner, the website builder should be easy to use. Before you settle on a company, ensure that they have a website builder too. This should help you build basic web pages and even complex ones with multiple pages.

Site statistics

The right hosting company should feature statistical tools that can help you track status and performance of your site at any particular time. Most services will provide you with stats, but others will ask you to pay a lot to access the information.

Shopping carts

These are very important if you want to sell products on your site. Ensure they offer you the right e-commerce tools. Some hosting companies provide integrated shopping carts, and others can use programs such as ZenCart, CubeCart, PayPal, and more. It is a good idea to have options that can suit your business.

Customer service

t2gw3edc6wyed7u28u2Sometimes things can go wrong. For instance, when your website is down, you should have a trustworthy company that can be reached easily. The majority of these companies can advertise themselves as cheapest on the market. Before subscribing to any given plan, you should take your time and test company’s customer service.

Advertising credits

This is a great perk to look for when choosing a web hosting company. They can assist you to advertise your business without having to spend a lot of money on advertisements. You can use the credits to place ads on different search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Some of the hosts offer recurring credits that are a terrific incentive when you sign up for their services.

Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing Computer Repairs Firm

At one given time you will have to seek the help of a computer repair expert because all computers are destructible. Looking for such an expert as early as possible is a grand idea because it will ensure that you vet the professional that you will choose carefully.fixing computer part

Considerations before hiring computer repairs firm

Know your requirements

You have to select the firm that will work on your computer according to your requirements. For instance, if you have many computers that need repairs, the company that you choose should have more than enough experts to solve the problems. There is no assurance that large firms will offer high-end services. Pick a company that can attend to your requirements to your satisfaction if you are looking for comprehensive services.

Onsite services

Before choosing any computer repair company, you should find out whether they provide onsite services before making your decision. Think of it this way. You have about fifty computers that require urgent repairs, and you send them to a technician’s tiny workstation. Moreover, the process of ferrying them to the workstation can be very inconveniencing. If the company that you are about to choose sends technicians to your home or office, you will be sure to get enough support anytime without much struggle. However, you should find out if they charge extra for their onsite services since most companies charge higher fees unlike those that offer onsite services free of charge. But the benefits of onsite services outweigh the disadvantages.

Look out for reviews

repairingGather as many reviews as you can before choosing a service provider. For instance, you should consider the number of years that they have been in operation and if they have stayed ahead of the competition and they are usually reliable. Additionally, you should find out if the service provider assures to protect your data. Ask for the measures that they put in place to ensure that your private data doesn’t land into the wrong hands. And that is not all. Also, find out if the firm carries out a thorough background check to all their employees to ensure that they only hire the right people for the job. Gone are the days when you had to entrust your computers and secret data to criminals.

Superior client support

Customer support is an important factor that you should not overlook when looking for computer repairs Brisbane. If the specialist insists on picking your computer, then they have to promise to maintain contact. If you prefer working with firms that pick and drop support, ask what happens if they fail to beat deadlines. It makes sense to hire a service provider that offers service around the clock. You require experts that can come to your rescue instantly in case you want emergency support.

Service charges

Talk about the cost of the repairs before making your decision. Some experts charge a small diagnosis fee while others don’t. All in all, you should consider experts with reasonable fees if they succeed in breathing life back into your computer. Also, ensure that the professionals use high end and affordable spares if the need arises.

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Popular Technological Devices For Celebrities

As a celebrity, you sit at a higher tax bracket than most of your peers. This directly translates into more money for spending on gadgets. The main technological device celebrity’s use is their smartphone. This remains their communication bridge between publicists, agents and other social media platforms where they can reach out to their fans.

During the alabama shakes nashville tour, these celebrities confirmed that technology has indeed come to help them. Some people prefer beverage and food technology, others gadget technology, others during leisure times, etc. Here are five technological devices and gadgets perfectly suited to the careers of this celebrities.

Celebrities and technological devices

Keegan & Michael Key – wine enthusiasts

oxygen levelThe two tall members of the comedy Key and Peele decided to innovate the way in which they unscrew their wine bottles. It seems the standard bottle openers were too slow. They prefer the Coravin Model 2 Plus Pack opener that pricks the cork like a syringe, pumps in the air, resulting in an outward release of the cork. They are drawn to the Cork Pops wine opener that inserts a needle through the cork filling the bottle with argon gas as you pour. This prevents the oxygen from penetrating and oxidizing the wine. Once you pull out the device,
the cork reseals.

50 cent – rapper

The popular rapper has been in the spotlight recently with his financial woes. He remains a technology enthusiast at heart. Apart from the usual laptop or mirrorless cameras he also carries a pack of SMS Audio headphones. It turns out that he owns this headphone company. He also carries a high-end Canon camera which he documents his travels with.

Gordon Ramsay – outstanding chef

The world famous chef is very familiar with the gadgets he uses while in the kitchen. Among the items he holds dear when going about his home cooking is the Bullet blender. This is the perfect device for whipping up protein shakes and smoothies. Ramsay remains a big fan deep fried chicken, so he likes using the air fryer that is quite similar to a deep fryer. It only requires one teaspoon of oil and hot air gets the job done. The device delivers the perfect crunch on your meat without having to endure the extra calories delivered by the conventional fryer.

Kim Kardashian – socialite

When it comes to the showbiz industry, Kim Kardashian reigns supreme. Her presence is felt everywhere across all continents. The social media mega star is crazy about accessories and has an incredibly huge fan base. Her pictures remain clustered across the internet. She remains a big fan of the Blackberry Bold and the iPhone. The exact model of her Blackberry Bold is unclear. However, this type of phones have since vanished from the market. You can stumble across used versions on retail online.

Snoop Dogg – public figure

laptopSnoop Dogg has become a distinguished Hollywood icon. The rapper who also features on many Hollywood shows is a jack of all trades. It turns out that the rapper-turned-actor is a huge gaming fan. He loves sporting games such as basketball and football. When it comes to his console game of choice,he prefers the Microsoft Xbox One. He, however, voiced a little complaint about the server problems the console game experienced early 2016. He since then transitioned to the Sony Play Station 4.

5 Main Types Of Drones

The increasing popularity of drones has led to the development of many types of drones. The market has different types of drones categorized based on many factors such as the number of propellers, size, range, and equipment among other features. However, there are popular types of drones that everyone should know. Here are the leading five types of drones available at major outlets like the Best Drone Zone.

Top 5 types of drones


QuadcoptersThis is the most popular type of drone that you can find in the market. This type of drone has four rotors positioned at the corners of the quadcopter’s body. The positioning allows for even support of the drone that makes it easy to take off from the ground and fly in different directions. Depending on the model you buy, you may or not find a camera installed in the quadcopter.

GPS drones

GPS drones are unique types of drones that link up to the GPS signals from satellites. One of the reasons why this type of drone is popular is because it can automatically come back to its initial location based on the GPS signals. When the battery starts to run out, the drone will fly back to the initial location. This helps owners to avoid losing their drones.

RTF drones

The acronym RTF stands for ready-to-fly. You can buy these types of drones and start using them right away. They are easy to setup for flying expeditions. If you are new in the world of drone flying, then this is the best type of drone that you should consider buying. It is relatively easy to use. All that you have to do is to charge it up and start flying.

Trick dronesdrone

Also known as toy drones, trick drones are the types of drones designed for usage as small toys. They are tiny and weigh a few ounces. They have built-in cameras though they cannot record in HD quality. Just like RTF drones, trick drones are also easy to use, and you can fly them as soon as you get them.

Delivery drones

This type is used to transport materials. It is amongst the most popular drones because it serves the function of transporting materials. They are mostly used by Amazon to deliver products within the country. However, these drones do not transport heavy materials but rather items that weigh a few pounds.


How to choose the right flip screen camera for vlogging

The modern technology has not only made the new generation’s way of living a lot more comfortable but has also given many opportunities for people to earn money using the Internet as well as the different gadgets and devices that we have these days. We now have a handful of online businesses that are offering various products. There are also people who are making money through blogs and vlogs.

So, if you are looking for a great way to earn cash, whether it be a part-time or full-time job, you can consider using the Internet as a good stepping stone. If you love writing, you can write articles or blogs. You can even earn a decent amount of money by taking selfies and videos, and upload them.


Vlogging camVlogging could be a hobby, or, just like what was mentioned above, it could also be a way of earning some money. Many people are already doing this because it is really enjoyable, not to mention the unlimited amount of money that you can earn. All you need to do is to take high-quality pictures and videos.

But in order for you to successfully do this, you must have the right tools. One of which is a camera; not only a regular camera but something that can take images with high resolution. With this, you should invest in the best Flip Screen Camera, which is very popular nowadays.

Choosing the best flip screen camera

Most people who do vlogs are using flip screen cameras. There are different brands that you can choose from, but take note that they are not created equal. You can expect that some are better than the others. Some are expensive while some are cheap. If it is your first time to shop for this particular type of gadget, you may get overwhelmed with the wide variety of cameras that you will find.

What to consider when looking for the right flip screen camera

To get the most out of your very first flip screen camera, you should know what to look for. Here, you need to learn about the different types as well. You can go for a point and shoot camera, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. But for first-timers like you, it is highly recommended that you buy one that is not too complicated to start with. You can always upgrade somewhere down the road.


Moreover, make sure that you check out the specs. Does it come with a real-time preview? Will it allow you to take picture and videos in different angles without requiring you to flex your hands or whole body? These are just some of the things that you should look for. Remember that the camera will be your number one tool when you create vlogs, so choose only the best.

Qualities Of A Good E-liquid Brand

A good e-juice brand adheres to the health and safety standards of the product. Also, it is fresh and tasty with the right flavors preferably natural ones. The main ingredients used to produce e-juices are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavors, and Nicotine. The ratio and substance of the mixtures are vital in achieving a good e-liquid brand.pen

The e-liquid smell and taste

A good e-liquid brand should smell and taste right. Furthermore, it should have a clear appearance. Cloudy juices, with unpleasant smell and taste, may be an indication that the product is contaminated, ingredients used were not mixed in the proper ratios or undesirable substances were added to the mixture.

Flavors used

A good e-liquid brand should preferably use natural flavors as opposed to the artificial ones. This eliminates the use of unnecessary chemicals and promotes better taste in the juices. Furthermore, during mixing the juices should be allowed time to steep to bring out the best flavors. The quality and quantity of flavors used in the production of vapor juices should be approved by relevant bodies such as the Flavor and Extract Manufacturing Association.

Levels of nicotine

Notably, some of the vapor juices contain grade nicotine. The nicotine concentration should be tested to adhere to the required levels. The standards set by bodies such as the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy NMR and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC should be observed. These bodies direct that the nicotine levels should be safe and at much lower levels than those found in customary cigarettes. The restriction is important, especially because some individuals turn to E-Cigarettes to break from chain smoking of the traditional cigarettes which are highly toxic.


vapeThe main ingredients which are the vegetable glycerin VG and propylene glycol PG are generated safely for human consumption. They are used in other food products and the manufacture of certain medicine and cosmetics. However, a very small percentage of the e-liquids have been known to react to high levels of both VG and PG. It is, therefore, important to observe stipulated ratios during mixing.

The liquid brand

A good e-juice brand is from a manufacturer who has nothing to hide. A good example is the black Note tobacco e juice, an e-juice brand that that outlines details of its ingredients to enable consumers make rational decisions on either to buy it or not. It also shows transparency and boosts consumer confidence. Likewise, viscosity, resistance, mixture ratios and vapor temperature should be well developed to guarantee the consumers a satisfactory vaping experience.


Tips On How To Protect Your Computer From Malicious Activity

This article will give tips on how to make sure that your computer is safe from malicious activity and all your data and files are safe

Protecting your computer

Install an antivirus

antivirusGet an antivirus software that prevents your PC from the infection of malware and viruses. Malware and viruses are terms used to describe destructive software that has been created to steal computer files, banking and credit card information and sending annoying messages on your PC. The situation is so bad that it will affect anyone without an antivirus software or an internet security software on their computers. If you do not have one, make a point of getting it and scan your device at least two times in a week for continuous safety.

Password management

Almost all online activities are protected by passwords. Online banking, social networking, chat programs and email services all need a password for security. On resetting your password, the new password or reset link is sent to your email address. This takes us to another point of the email address must be protected. If it is corrupted in any way, you might end up suffering huge data and information loss. It is, therefore, important to use strong passwords for your email. The password should contain upper and lower case letters, symbols, numbers and other characters. Make it as unique as possible.

Operating system updates

Cyber criminals crack security holes on operating systems from time to time. It becomes easy to access your information. Microsoft gurus, however, are always on time by providing updates with new security patches and solutions to any problems. You must, therefore, update your OS as often.

Back up important files on your PC

cyber securityImagine this, you are a college student and have just finished your 105 pages research project. Just before printing, the computer fails. All your data is gone. If the files are not backed up, they are gone forever. It might not have happened to you, but maybe the unfortunate thing happens to a friend or classmate. The only way to take care of such data misfortunes is by backing up your data. Store your data in different locations like in a USB or rewritable CD. If data is lost from one storage site, it will be available on the other.

computer part

How To Take Care Of Your Pc Storage Devices

Data storage devices like USB drives and removable disks are important because they carry files and documents useful to your personal life and your business. Careless handling of such devices may result in loss of valuable data. It is for this reason that every computer user and the owner should be aware of how to maintain their data storage devices.

Tips on how to preserve removable disks and flash disks

Store devices at room temperature

pen driveDo not store your storage devices in extremely cold or hot places. A lot of heat causes melting of electronic elements in the drive. Extreme weather, on the other hand, disintegrates the physical attributes of the device. Make sure that the place of storage has enough air supply and proper ventilation to avoid damaging your devices with moisture or heat.

Do not place the devices on top of other electronics

Many people are not aware of this, but it is important. Placing your let’s say USB on your computer, gaming set or TV set for a long period leads to data damage.

Eject the devices safely

Make sure that you at all times safely remove your storage devices from your computer. Many people just detach it. You will be protecting your data from sudden loss by doing this. Pulling the USB or memory card from the PC after use results to full damage of the disk.

Maintain integrity of your files

If you have a disk with large amounts of data, it is important to maintain its integrity by looking into what goes in and out of the disk. At times malware and spyware can find their way in the drive without your knowledge. Visiting sites known for malware like adult sites, peer software can lead to viruses getting on your PC. This will obviously compromise the integrity of your data.

Keep it safe

drivesNo matter how hard you try protecting your drives, they must wear and tear. To protect yourself from losing essential data, keep it safe in different locations. For instance, you can use cloud-based storage servers. This is a system that enables computer users and business owners safely store data for future use.